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Artio Geomatics Drone Survey Orthomosaic DSM DTM Photogrammetry
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21st June 2019


To provide additional value to our client's request to provide them with some aerial footage of their event garden


Artio Geomatics Drone Survey Orthomosaic DSM DTM Photogrammetry


As well as providing 3D modelling and mapping services, our accomplished pilot is also occasionally required to capture high quality aerial film. This was the case in June 2019 when an experiential events company required some aerial footage to show off the location of one of their events.

Held at the Dilston Physic Garden, near Corbridge, Northumberland, we shot the traditional aerial footage and presented it to our client on site. Happy with the footage, the client then enquired about the modelling and mapping side of our business. Intrigued by the potential publicity applications, they asked us to captured the imagery to create an orthomosaic of the maze-like garden, to potentially help their customers find their way around.

Having already completed the flight planning for capturing the traditional footage, all that was left was to adapt the flight plan to accommodate several grid-pattern flights to capture imagery to stitch together into an orthomosaic. 90 minutes later, all flights had been completed without incident, and the very next day, our client was in possession of a high-res orthomosaic of the garden with a Ground Sampling Distance (or mapping resolution) of 2cm per pixel.


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