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Forest Surveys

Forest Surveys

Unlocking the potential of woodlands

At Forest Surveys we understand the importance of woodlands to our environment. Utilising innovative technology with sound silvicultural practice and a wealth of experience, we work with our customers to realise the true economic and environmental potential of their woodlands.

Our team has a wealth of experience collecting and interpretation field data, working to ensure our customers meet UK Woodland Assurance Standards (UKWAS) and timber certification schemes when bringing timber to market.


We provide ground-based & aerial surveys, data analysis, interpretation and GIS mapping services to public and private clients within the forestry, land management and agricultural sectors.

Forest Surveys Field Surveys

Utilising the latest technology for greater accuracy.

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Forest Surveys UAV Mapping Orthomosaic DSM DTM Drone Photogrammetry


2020 - 2024

We have been tasked with generating hi-res orthomosaics of Scotland's forests and woodland.



13th-21st July 2021

Capturing thermal aerial images of roosting nightjars, helping to assess their nesting locations.

Forest Surveys UAV Mapping Orthomosaic DSM DTM Drone Photogrammetry

Scottish Peatland

4th May 2021

Generating a DTM to test watercourse flowpath analysis across areas of Scottish peatland.

Our blog where we record notable work and testing that we've undertaken, as well as other articles of more general interest.

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