Welcome to The Sylva Logbook, our blog where we record notable work and testing that we've undertaken, as well as other articles of more general interest.


2020 - 2024

We have been tasked with generating hi-res orthomosaics of Scotland's forests and woodland.

Scottish Peatland

4th May 2021

Generating a DTM to test watercourse flowpath analysis across areas of Scottish peatland.

Kielder Forest

26th February - 1st March 2021

Generating orthomosaics for preliminary planning of terrestrial surveys and stratification. 

Northern Forest

13th November 2020

To provide The Sylva Foundation with an orthomosaic to help them integrate ortho-rectified imagery into their land management data-flow.

3rd September 2019

Our client needed to calculate the volume of an ancient, 200ft-deep quarry on their land.


2nd September 2019

We were tasked with providing our client with orthomosaics of eight separate woodland compartments along a picturesque valley to assess the percentage of canopy coverage v. open regen.


 3rd July 2019

We were permitted to conduct some test flights in this spectacular valley, including over a treacherous area damaged by wind-blow.