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Forest Surveys Field Surveys

Our Surveying & Inventory service incorporates the latest woodland surveying technology, software and specialist knowledge to gather accurate forest data. Providing owners and managers with reliable information about their timber stocks and woodlands.

Woodland Inventories & Valuations

Our expertise and experience in forest mensuration and valuation gives our customers the confidences they need when making decisions about their woodlands. Whether sampling to inform on a management/harvesting plan and future timber yields or tariffing to give an accurate appraisal of volume, products and form for a timber sale. Our team can work with you to provide the solution that fits your needs. 

GPS & Volumetric Surveys

Using the latest geospatial technology and real time aerial photography, we gather data on multiple aspects of a site. Whether geolocating boundaries, identifying individual tree health issues, modelling storm damage, or measuring roadside products stocks. We can interpret, analyse and collate this information and turn it into a GIS compatible resource, giving you the ability to make informed decisions based on sound data.

Forest Research

Mapping trees and other vegetation is important for many applications such as research projects, truthing remote-sensing data and monitoring forest regeneration. Using unique systems designed to cope with challenging environments, our operators can gather highly accurate geospatial data about each attribute within a sample area.

Why survey...

Using accurate data when making decisions about your woodland resource gives you confidence in your forest management decisions. Using sound forest metrics derived from an objective assessment process adds value to the figures and increases customer confidence. When selling timber standing it is imperative you undertake the correct type of survey to accurately represent the stand and realise it's true value . Using incorrect or out of date data will inevitably lead to poor management. 

The risk of not surveying

By not surveying you miss the opportunity to asses the condition of your resource. You can only hope that everything is OK. Stand attributes may be missed, open spaces may be inaccurate. There will also be a higher element of risk for timber buyer/purchaser when harvesting timber, reducing the value of standing timber. Field data integrity is also weakened statistically, or understanding the field data will be more problematical.

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