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For conducting 3D assessments of land, buildings, structures, features or sites.

Data is essential for informed decision-making. With Artio, you can access your land like never before, viewing it from every angle and conducting 2D and 3D measurements from the comfort of your own office.

Using a combination of intelligent flight planning and free-flying, our pilot can capture 'nadir' (top-down) imagery of sites of any size. We then feed the imagery into our software to precisely render a geo-located digital model of the area, for you to access and interrogate, or for our technicians to provide the data that you need.

Digital 3D Modelling Portfolio Examples:

Whether it be lengths or areas, slope gradients or elevations or complicated volumetric assessments, we are guaranteed to have a cost-effective solution that will suit your needs. All deliverables can be made available in a method of your choosing, whether it be through our software's intuitive browser-based interface, or in any file format, compatible with your preferred GIS (Geographic Information System) software.

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