2nd September 2019


To provide our client with a number of interpreted compartmental orthomosaics for them to determine the progress of natural regen.


Forest Surveys UAV Mapping Orthomosaic DSM DTM Drone Photogrammetry
Forest Surveys UAV Mapping Orthomosaic DSM DTM Drone Photogrammetry


The week of the 2nd September was an exceptionally busy one for us. With plans on the 4th, 5th and 6th to attend the Confor Woodland Show at Longleat House, and an exceptionally favourable forecast, we secured two lots of work in the region. On Monday the 2nd, our team travelled to Devon.

We had one day to capture aerial imagery of eight woodland compartments, which had been left to regenerate naturally after felling. Within 8 hours, we had successfully covered 18Ha of land with 13 flights, along a 2.5 mile stretch of woodland trail. Our client had requested imagery to be taken and a report prepared for each compartment to determine what percentage of their land was classed as 'open', and the diversity of the species growing there.

Importing the series of high-res (3.5cm/pixel) orthomosaics into ArcGIS, and supplementing our report with a ground survey, our team was able to identify and table the precise quantity of each tree species, the exact percentage of 'open' terrain, and the percentage of the terrain that was covered by broad-leaf canopy.