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Forest Surveys UAV Mapping Orthomosaic DSM DTM Drone Photogrammetry





To capture imagery and provide hi-res orthomosaics of Scotland's national forestry estate.


Forest Surveys UAV Mapping Orthomosaic DSM DTM Drone Photogrammetry
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In early March 2020, we captured the first 958 of many thousands of hectares in an ambitious project to generate hi-res (5cm/pixel) orthomosaics of Scotland's national forestry estate over the next four years.

This imagery is required for the planning of areas of new woodland creation, monitoring regeneration on post-harvest sites and identifying tree-health issues. After researching the initial designated coupes and plotting flight patterns, our pilot identified three weather windows that were conducive for flying, and was on site in Scotland for a total of nine days' field work.

He flew an average 106Ha per day, capturing a total of 9,362 images, each of which were edited to provide our software with optimum clarity and detail before being stitched together into five separate orthomosaics. The largest orthomosaic covered an area of 392Ha (969 acres) and took three days' fieldwork to capture.

One of the sites had had recent snow cover, which generally presents a challenge for photogrammetry software, due to the likelihood of large areas lacking distinctive features. The stitching process was successful in this case, however, and our client commented on how much it actually assisted in the interpretation of the imagery, as areas of open land, regeneration and vegetation could be better distinguished. Hydrological features were also particularly easy to identify.

All orthomosaics were delivered digitally to our customer in their preferred format within eight business days of the final flight, each with an accompanying quality report.

As this project continues, there will be many exciting prospects and developments to follow! To stay updated, follow us across our various social media platforms - links below.


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