Kielder Forest

26th February - 1st March 2021


To generate orthomosaics to supplement our terrestrial surveying services and stratification work.



An ongoing core service of ours is to provide aerial imagery and orthomosaics to supplement our terrestrial surveys. UAV Mapping can be utilised to create geo-located, high-resolution imagery that can be interpreted and combined with terrestrial field data to either create fully interactive layers on a GIS platform, or to be used as a standalone resource.

Conducting multiple assessments simultaneously reduces costs and greatly increases the efficiency of providing a number of our deliverables:

Boundary Mapping & Stratification
New Planting Stocking Assessment & SDA
Yield Assessment
Peatland & Hydrology Surveys
Tree Health & NDVI
Monitoring Storm Damage & Fire Modelling
Carbon Assessments

This particular work, carried out in Kielder Forest, was for boundary mapping and stratification work. Our pilot covered eight separate sites, sprawled across thirty square miles of Kielder forest. The total hectarage captured was 222Ha, gathered across the course of three days and all delivered within three days of the final flight being conducted

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