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Supplementary to our surveying packages, we offer everything you'd expect from traditional drone photography.

Ever since the drone boom of 2015-2017, aerial photography has become more and more prevalent in modern media - and with good reason! Achieving shots and camera movements that even 10 years ago would have only been possible with a state-of-the-art Hollywood crane, or even a helicopter, for a fraction of the price, has become a prospect that people have been increasingly unable to turn down.

Enter Artio, whose drone pilot has been experimenting with aerial filming since 2015, when the commercial drone industry was very much in its infancy. As well as having demonstrated his skills as a pilot, with dozens of logged flight hours without incident, and with a background in publicity and the arts, he has continually developed his knowledge and understanding of the new 'dialect' that aerial photography adds to the rich language of the camera. He strongly believes it's not enough to merely shoot footage and make each shot look as good as possible, but that the story that connects one shot to the next, and that each picture conveys, is an equally important aspect that's often overlooked by the modern assembly-line approach to media production.

Aerial Photography & Filming Portfolio Examples:

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