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High resolution ortho-rectified imagery and analysis.

Deploying the survey-grade Phantom 4 RTK, we gather and stitch together hundreds of aerial images, generating geo-located orthomosaics with a visual Ground Sampling Distance (or resolution) of 3-5cm per pixel, and "true accuracy" down to the centimetre.

This means the imagery we provide can be used to thoroughly interrogate an area of land from the comfort of an office desktop using your preferred GIS software. We can thereby spare you and your company the need for expensive and time-intensive ground team surveys, or supplement other surveying techniques to greatly improve their efficiency.

We can cover areas of any size, up to 150Ha/day, as long as our pilot is able to identify safe launch sites throughout the area. Our largest single orthomosaic so far is 392Ha.

Orthomosaic Portfolio Examples:

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