Forest Surveys About Us

Forest Surveys have been providing timber inventories and forest mensuration projects to the forestry sector for many years. Employing the latest technologies and data gathering techniques, we lead the industry in delivering a higher level of accuracy and efficiency.
Our experienced team is focused on delivering flexible solutions and providing reliable data about woodland resources. Our services enable our customers to maximise the economic value of their woodlands and ensure the resource can be enjoyed by future generations. Combining this expert knowledge and utilising innovative technology allows us to provide a solution that’s right for you.

Forest Surveys About Us

Managing Director

Sam has worked within the forestry industry since 2008, leading numerous projects from conservation work on SSSI's to managing large production forecasting contracts. Sam has extensive knowledge of silvicultural practices and is...


Survey Manager

(CertEd PGDip NDF)

Heading up the team , Steve began his career with the Forestry Commission in the early 1980s. He went on to become a practitioner in the field of harvesting, marketing and forest management. On leaving the Forestry Commission in 1988...

Forest Surveys About Us


Operations Manager

Tom has been working for Barle Valley Forestry since 2015, from felling and planting trees to technical surveying as part of the National Forest Inventory (NFI). Tom is responsible for our field teams and has overseen the successful completion of over...

Forest Surveys About Us

(LLB, MSc)

UAV Manager

David is responsible for managing Forest Surveys' UAV services, as well as being a generally resourceful technical expert in photogrammetry and GIS software. He first became fascinated with drone piloting in the spring of 2015, and quickly...


(BA, MSc)


Elise is a Canadian national who has lived, studied and worked in Kenya, Canada and Australia. She is currently completing her Master’s degree in Restoration Ecology at Manchester Metropolitan University. She has been working with Forest Surveys...

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